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Че пацаны, Аниме?

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Ну что, сегодня поговорим об аниме! А именно, говно ли аниме все таки или нет? Так аниме пацаны или нет? Усе по стандарту в формате мульт обзора само собой. Жмякни лукас, от души!

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Трек в конце видео: WEEZING - Че пацаны, аниме?

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Well guys, anime? You already dead What? I immediately explain, i'm not an anime and do not belong subculture except crackers with beer as the saying goes, for beer and potosu, i'm piss under your door Oh, wait, not that. Under kalmars and beer, i make cartoons for you So, now seriously, we are don't joke here, well, lets will understand What is anime? And why some people hate his?(Hi) having carried out through scientific research make objective interview disinterested citizens and connect short specialists and candidates masters of sport about naruto I found out next. Anime is cool. Anime is shit. Fuck you! Hmm, how you see, opinions were divided. Personally for me, most anime, really interested and unique thats, what can born in head in guys from long planet "Japan" people with eyes not resembling minus this just boom brain. How in general can was before such an idea And this concerns not only anime, and in principle, much all asian media culture But not looking on all happening addiction, blood, guts, and nudes girls. Altogether, each story have a good meaning. For example Naruto, loved justice, friendships and Sasuke. Teacher Onizuka, seemed freak, but pawned in brains students only correct and moral values..

Notebook of death, showed what with human can make boundless power and notebook in a ruler.

In general, himself personally cried on this cartoons, more than on seriously dramatic films. (for what??? bitches!).

Than anime can repel, some protracted representatives of the genre.

For ten series, two attacks, but will tell us everything. From the morning pollution to hard problems opponents.

As, unprepared spectator can discourage excessive hyperemotionality, absolutely everything.

In general for example in American cartoons, character should replay and show more expressive emotions than in films.

Its fine, asian actors in his films crooked than in American cartoons.

And now imagine, what happening in their anime Another one feature of each anime, this idealized female sex in anime any girl have a beautiful body and beautiful character because of which, any boys definitely can not again back to 3d girls.

Well, look but how not love this? Motherfucker, who says again talk about trap(transgender) Oh, dobryak it's you? Listen me boy This is not girl! another not girl! They also not girls. This is guys and they have dicks!.

General i did not like she i know, what everybody who hate anime, general never did not watch because cartoons for kids and this yet strange but if you good boy or girl like anime, for you have good place Amino this huge social network for those who have hobby and interests Amino this one of huge and cool community if suddenly in your environment, nobody supports your hobbies on Amino you can find new friends or second half which will be love same as you.

You can find your Sasuke and back in your village Links on this tale for anime under this video in discription everybody have a common opinion, what all anime, this shabby and dystrophy creatures.

Can i tell from himself, this seriously truth and look what have I got to three approaches jojo, morning and tonight. nightmare.

I already anime? *gob* shit..

I say, if sum up, i really do not see objective reasons for hate anime.

Except subjective and banal taste for example "I dont like big eyes" some respected scientists and just seriously adults humans watch anime because anime have a lot of genre here have about sportsmens, schoolboys, hooligans, ninja, vampires, zombies, titans, robots, scientists, about love, fantasy, philosophy, science, about naked grandfather, baking cookies,.

Gamers, about past, future, about fight with ass and much more, i think what any can find for myself Well, this the end, subscribe and like this video, before new meetings!

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