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10 игр, которые взбесили феминисток и не только

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Вообще-то в данном материале мы поведём речь не только о тех играх, которые разозлили феминисток, но и правозащитников всех мастей в целом. Просто, в силу объективных обстоятельств, не все знают, кто такие правозащитники, зато вот, кто такие феминистки, знают все. И особенно знают геймеры, которых уже достала феминизация игровой индустрии.

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In fact, in this material we will not only talk About those games that angered feminists, but also human rights defenders all suits in general. Simply, by virtue of objective circumstances, not everyone knows, who are human rights activists, but that's who these feminists are, know everything. And especially gamers know, which already got feminization game industry. Recently, we talked about about the ten most tolerant games where interests are taken into account all in the world of minorities, which are not forbidden yet law. Well, now, therefore, it's time to tell about the reverse side of the coin: about the most intolerant, from the point of view of human rights defenders, video games that are furious tolerant part of the world igrostroy. Gears of War and alpha males..

The situation with video games similar to the situation in the family, where the brother does not want to play with sister. He wants to play soldiers, and my sister wants to play in the dolls. And, while conditional brother on the drum, what there plays a sister, that - on the contrary - Not at all on the drum. She wants to play with her brother, but not in the soldiers. Therefore, the problem is intervened parents, forcing the boy take soldiers, and arrange with them, something like Mother Daughter. But of the Mother of War Mothers turn out bad. They quickly get bored of the girl, and she goes on her own girly affairs, but strict the parents' view at the same time continues to follow the boy, demanding from him that his The games were such that they could be played by girls also. Here's something about this the script developed reflections network feminists, for years pestering shooter-series Gears of War. Like, there are some alpha males and the courage that they called "stupid." Do you know what they are saying? came up with? They came up with the word "masculinity" which stands for behavioral and a psychological complex, inherent in a man, and not inherent woman. In other words, convey The grand piano on the eighth floor is masculinity. In general, the game was stuck like this, that now in the fifth part the main character we have is a girl. Similar things happen and here God of War, but there Kratos is still saved, simply turning it into a family man, and showing that "He is also a man." Far Cry 5 and insult of fish feelings. Awesome on heat absurd scandal happened with the last part of Far Cry. Absurd, and at the same time characterizing some stratum of citizens. It was like this: an organization with the pathos name People For Ethical Treatment of Animal, offended presence of an ultra-realistic fishing in this game. And do you know what they thought of? Before that, they say, like that will learn the younger generation respect to fish, which, they say, like us, and we pay them a black ingratitude. Additional comic situation is that the voice filed a German branch this organization. And we all remember how respectful can be Germans, especially when they are The order "Drang nach osten" is given. But fishing still won, and figures from PETA have calmed down, apparently, realizing the depth of their claims. Detroit: Become Human and strangulation rights androids. With Detroit in general, history it turned out rather cloudy. The game was etched by various human rights organizations, how could, and after its release, some of the most reactionary-liberal gaming publications, moldings her low scores, as not justified. Even the real politicians who should were taken away from developers of Quantic Dream state money that the government France gave them a deal. There were several reasons for this. It all began with the fact that head of the studio, David Cage fired one of the employees, caught stealing. Well, I fired and fired - a big a business. But the nuance was that the fired turned out to be black. After that, not indifferent citizens began to explain, that in Detroit: Become Human also constantly humiliate women and do not respect the rights of androids, among which - about the horror - there are even black androids, working for service their owners. In general, the game was hunted like Only they could, but completely could not be hijacked. She left, and, most likely, will be the best game of the year in the genre of interactive cinema. Hitman: Absolution and the body of a stripper. The most popular Internet Guardian of women's rights - Anita Sargsyan - once unswakely so it took up arms on this, it seems, harmless shooter. She was not embarrassed by the fact that actually the main character - hired killer, killing, sort of like, bad people. Well, and there, they are bad or no - it is not known. For, someone, probably, bad, but for, someone and good. In general, it does not matter. It is important that Anita saw, how one of the gamers kills striptease, and puts her corpse is on public display with a view to diverting protection, to get to the goal. This is what angered this citizen who has rolled On the web, a wave containing the following moral message: "They treat us, as with animals, even worse. They are ready to use women for their short-term needs ". The fact that a few missions Agent 47 enters to protect the girl by name Victoria is Miss Sarkisyan already did not care. The game, fortunately, change It was not necessary, but it was up to the sky. Assassin's Creed Unity and not cheap women. Expensive! You are so fashionable, that it is simply unprofitable! Approximately with this speech delivered in Ubisoft, where they stated that they did not will add to the multiplayer Unity women's characters, despite on what was not going to, because it is expensive, and, in general, no one else do not. But the nuance was that the press before that I had already rasprozvonit about the addition of female heroes, because the data-miners found in the game files relevant evidence. Well, and then it turns out that it's supposedly too expensive. Okay, they would say that they do not have so talented designers able to implement in fact, this women's beauty, well, or, what will add certainly, but after. The reason is "expensive" raped a certain layer of gaming asset that suddenly I realized that Ubisoft does not have enough democracy and tolerance. Since then, the situation has significantly moved, and with female heroes in the series now full order. Hellblade and fake schizophrenia. It would seem, what kind of claims can be tolerant citizens to this game? The main heroine of the mentally ill woman being tortured evil guys, well, or, if not muzhiks, the demons of masculine sex? However, rivet all equally found to what. Reason - you will not believe - insufficiently accurate transmission of symptoms of psychosis, that, they say, violates the rights people, really sick similar. Allegedly, people who have a disease, sane heroine, do not see any mysterious signs. They are unable to stand up for themselves, and generally suffer much more prosaic and boring than that warlike the Keltiyka. The Western press dispelled article one dissatisfied, whose mother is suffering schizophrenia, and he, it seems, also begins. And this does not seem to him at all interesting. Therefore, they say, games about the spiritual disease can not be done. In such a complicated situation have to work in the game developers. This War of Mine and childish torment. Polish 11 bit studios, in its famous game decided show the horrors of war, which concerns everyone, and does bad for everyone, regardless from age, sex and religion. But American human rights activists This is not understood. In their opinion, what is in the game there are children who, not only do they make work, so they are still at risk to die of hunger or disease - it is not right. It is unclear whether these human rights defenders under the White Home, demanding from his the government to stop foment wars peace, but that's specifically the children, tormented by the consequences the wars that drove up in this game in one of the add-ons, they were not satisfied. Fortunately, the developers showed resilience and endurance, and acted splendidly. Do you know what they did? In the topic of discussion of this issue on one of the western forums, they piled up a bunch of keys, I do not remember exactly, for the game as a whole, or only for the addition to people even more thoughtful that peace, work and May, better than war, unemployment and the middle of February. GTA 5 and women like things. About this game you are everything yourself you know: shocking, at times, sophisticated cruelty, non-forced killings and the complete decline of morals: that's what GTA 5 is. This show, when it's still was at the stage of the third part, even tried to ban in court, but at the prohibition, desperately pouring on a loud trial, nothing came of it. Too much money brings this franchise to take it and pick it out life, simply because there, for example, you can kill prostitutes. On this topic, I recall, the trade union these in one of the cities The United States (I do not remember in which) I spoke, that, they say, we are already suffering, And here is another game that teaches men bad. To not be prostitutes - The question is not worth it. The whole issue is that advertising severe treatment of all kinds of kind of courtesans - this badly. The same Anita Sargsyan dispersed meme about "women as things" and repeatedly mentioned in this context game, but Rockstar, fortunately, this does not prevent doing GTA 6, with which we congratulate all her correspondence fans. Kingdom Come: Deliverance and "power white ". Creator of the Kingdom of Heaven, Daniel Varve, for a long time sew neglect of women. They, they say, were humiliated in the first Mafia, and then continued. But the women did not get it. Discussion of this topic was postponed after suddenly it turned out that in the game at all there are no blacks, although be. In Warhorse rightly noted, that Europe did not bring slaves from Africa, and in those days, except the Crusades and battles with Arabs, special ethnic conflicts they did not have. But this satisfied little frenzied audience. One British journalist, for example, in an extensive article explained that through the territory the then Czech Republic merchants carried goods, including who were also their blacks compatriots, so that, at least for a moment, even in profile, But one Negro could would show. However, they were not, and this added developers and so a problem project, new worries. The Witcher 3 and the nightmare of the human rights defender. Bad, you know, it happens, if, some firm of, some Eastern Europe, takes, and conquers the western market, pumping from the US buyers hundreds of millions not less than American dollars. Disorder, for like should engage in purely local companies, and here some Poles with some kind of Witcher about, some kind of Slavic mythology. Well, we'll study it now. for the correct understanding of democratic values ​​and freedoms. And after studying it was found out, that a) most women in the game - merchants, peasant women or prostitutes, and b) in the game there is not a single black man. Representatives of some prominent gaming publications were naturally indignant on this score, demanding that igrodelov correct this immediately after releasing "African" addition, well, or just repaint in black, albeit opposite historical certainty, someone, for example, Jennifer or Vesemir, whom could play well Morgan-nashavs-Freeman. But, fortunately, in CD Projekt RED not afraid of human rights anger, and left everything like there is. These were 10 non-tolerant video games that infuriated human rights activists. That's all. Play only in good games, and let no one go away beaten.

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