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TOP 20 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games in 2018 & 2019 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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Top 20 Upcoming Post Apocalyptic Games of 2018 \u0026 2019 | Most Anticipated Games 2018 for PS4 XBOX ONE PC

Games List:

00:00 The Division 2

March 15, 2019 (PS4/XB1/PC)

03:15 World War Z

TBA 2019 (PS4/XB1/PC)

04:09 Generation Zero

TBA 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

05:19 Overkill's The Walking Dead

Nov. 08, 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC)

07:57 Dying Light 2

TBA 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

09:52 Days Gone

Feb. 22, 2019 (PS4 Exclusive)

11:17 DOOM Eternal

TBA (PS4, XB1, Swtich, PC)

13:03 Fallout 76

Nov. 14, 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC)

14:32 Fear The Wolves

(PC 2018 \u0026 Consoles 2019)

16:37 INSOMNIA: The Ark

TBA 2018 (PC)

17:37 Rage 2

Spring 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

18:58 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

TBA 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC)

21:00 Metro Exodus

Feb. 22, 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

22:44 Biomutant

TBA 2018 (PS4/XB1/PC)

24:05 Death Stranding


27:40 Dead Matter

Q4 2018 (PC)

28:27 The Last of Us: Part II

2019 (PS4 Exclusive)

30:54 Escape from Tarkov


32:01 Project Wight


33:30 Resident Evil 2

Jan. 25, 2019 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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And their will because with example will be made.

This will be the plague with which the Lord shall strike all man.

We are all that's left of a city beyond redemption fulfilling our sacred duty to. Free the souls of the Damned.

- it's hard Arthur forgive us shed this blood in the name of mercy.

She's here.

Give me the key the back. My back.

Dying light two features a functioning ecosystem that reacts on multiple levels to the things you do and the choices you make in the example we're about to show you our protagonist undertakes a mission for the peacekeepers one of the many factions active in the city they want you to negotiate with two survivors who are control and in hoarding a water supply are you going to insult this with another fine let's say you choose to carry out the peacekeepers orders one way or another.

After this you'll start seeing a significant change in the city as access to the water supply is allowed the peacekeepers to bring stability and develop the area there's even running water for the people at street level and that raises their morale and allows you to replenish your energy on the go but there's a cost to this the PKS of a rigid approach to law and order so while the streets may be safer it's only safe for those who side with so if you get on their bad side now let's return to that moment of choice and instead of killing them you choose to team up with this group to supply water and black market as you will see this creates a very different set of consequences for the city with water being a precious currency that brings you access to new resources and trade but this in turn attracts the worst type of people to the area and this is just a single decision one out of hundreds you'll have to make.

You're a boozer have a run-in with our IP last couple of days why one of my men escaped over replicant that tortured I don't wish to but this time they kept asking me if you knew about it two bikers two men the Ripper call the Mongols you ask me you got a price on. Your head.

You know same as me anything that happens here is bad.

Perfect just perfect.

Chin up there sport monitor your environment for anything out of the ordinary.

The home of tomorrow may undergo certain challenges after a crisis work with your neighbors to ensure success there's no I in nuclear wasteland.

Document your adventures your memories will shape the new American dream what's. That sound begin by inquiring with the locals gently coax them into cooperation use a little elbow grease if you have to.

Playable to be conveyed on the. Carotenoid father Natalia come on.

When the asteroid hit billions were gone in the blink of an eye tribes rose up alliances formed.

Territory was conquered there was no one left alive to tell you no and in this wild wide open place if you wanted something bad enough it was yours for the taking you see in a world where there are no rules insanity rules.



Five seconds to leave the premises.

With Artyom and the Spartans a considerable distance from Moscow they will start to discover how radiation has affected different life forms across the country hume animals are a new mutant to exodus fierce and unrelenting the a shot serves as an effective close-range weapon that is frantic breathless type of gameplay a marked distinction for more technically demanding human encounters everything in Exodus is built.

On real-life lighting materials and physics a knife thrown into enemy armor.

May not penetrate deeply enough to kill them just like you can extinguish lamps.

Shooting them will cause them to explode and a fire to spray as a player you will need to hone both your aim and tactics in order to successfully navigate your way through the game. This was just one brief stop on an epic journey across post-apocalyptic Russia Metro Exodus offers a world of stunningly rich environments to traverse and explore new and overhauled gameplay mechanics and unsurpassed attention to detail for fans of the series and newcomers alike the gripping next chapter in our team story promises countless hours of tense and exciting exploration ahead.

Headed into town.

Which yourself those things never stay gone for them the time for fast-forwards whatever it touches but it can't wash everything away the pastor's won't let go I'll see. You around Sam border breaches what just.

Honest still increasing my status is fucked there's tons of them can you stop the light no they're closing in on my position I have to move before they realize I'm in here one of those things you don't trigger a boy down you'll go back sure but the surrounding area will still be a crater.

I got an idea.

Probably to take a trophy spot enough.

Get away and well child you can easily be killed even by the weakest humans.

We're trapped on this bridge there's an escape route okay I think we're safe.

Does he move around the caves and tunnels that these creatures inhabit you'll see what humans have done to your kind over the years.

So that's the world through the eyes of a young creature running away from even the weakest human now we're gonna go forward in time and see the world through the eyes of a larger more powerful adolescent creature let's see what they're capable of doing

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