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Mortal Kombat X | ESL Season 3 $200,000 Grand Finals | USA's Best vs Europes Best

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This is some really HIGH LEVEL Mortal Kombat X gameplay. Have fun and watch these two battle it out for the $$$$ MONEY!


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Amen oh the last eight weeks each one of our competitors have competed online in the pro league and today after 29 matches only two players remain first.

Place prize is $75,000 and the coveted championship belts so to.

Everybody watching around the world into every single fan here of MORTAL KOMBAT are you ready.

Then let's welcome our challenger a foxy.


Please welcome the reigning champion of the Mortal Kombat X Pro League sonic Fox sonic clocks.

Commentators take it away I hope sonic Fox loses so hard like just so so hard ah you know what he deserves.

Every single win that he gets he is such an incredible player there's a reason why he is the three-peat champion and what an incredible match this has come down to Sonic Fox vs. foxy grandpa the two most dominant forces of each of the league's I feel like there isn't really a much more fitting match than this two foxes one arena one of them is going to come out bloody one of them's gonna come out alive you know what I'm saying but someone did ask me in the back they're like against with dragon and foxy who do you think has the best chance of taking out Fox and honestly I think it is a foxy grandpa the way he adapts the way that he controls the space and the master he has of his character I really do think if there's ever going to be a player in the history that not only beats sonic Fox but is able to beat him in a first two five which is by the way this is a best of 9 yes he has to beat Fox 10 games he does.

And that's going to be tough especially considering they've already played in this tournament but we'll see if foxy has any adaptations I'm sure he does that's the type of player he is right but like I was saying if there's a player that can do it it's a foxy grandpa it is and the characters are selected are you guys ready for grand finals all right let me hear it for Fox and foxy grandpa let's go.

Let's go foxy Fox no I'm just kidding don't do that don't do that all right now we are seeing the same pic one interesting thing that we did discuss I did discuss with our friends in your gian commentators is that although is this didn't go well for foxy the first time that he played it he has a backup Lau and I'm surprised that we're not seeing a backup Lau at all some people were tweeting at me as well as saying like hey like tell him to use Wow like yeah I'm gonna tell him how to play the games but to be fair they think that Lau is actually a better matchup for alien now he's infamous for being able to not only spin to punish it but it looks like he's sticking with Molina and okay their previous matches this was our one of our matches in winners yeah bet he was just overwhelmed by Sonic Fox's pressure oh my we'd never really see started rubber but we've never really seen Sonic Fox play like that like he just played absolutely not aegis down one into overhead flip like that's not something that we see from him oh yeah like four times in a row but he made the reason it would work on foxy and intending mental totally worked and great overhead mixup right there BOTS was such an a strong early lead he's already taking the game and half of a round excuse a downpour. And foot on it down for ya and then again cancelling down for into the til all right do some damage here while she's gonna have to do some pretty crazy mix-up she wants to make it back here ice block but no punish she needed that okay foxy grandpa needs to be absolutely on point with every punish if you wants even a sliver of a chance to take out box and even just reset the bracket and of course this is grand finals the winner of this will receive $75,000 second place is still getting $45,000 but this $30,000 $30,000 money match essentially absolutely but it's a stacked in one person's favor right now with moxie really is and still stuck in the corner going for relentless pleasure but finally fox he finds his way out and he has to keep him here you get two back ones who guaranteed keeping the pressure but not okay so you were talking about this as well no one was really using the corner interactable but now we're seeing sonic Fox with alien actually utilized them it's a great pretty safe option to get out of the corner against any character especially you have a character like Lena who is so good at breaking armor yup and this is going to be a really good situation oh one more hit and there it is using the low sighs. After the back one to the lockdown the Fox that was a very smart decision from her foxy grandpa oh this is gonna be a big combo funk box boys but full meter come Oh buddy drop nice roll beautiful punish all right what's he gonna do after three stand Heights just waiting for the interactable but no punish on it I mean it's safe on block nice block no bait one thing I do kind of want to see foxy do those after he blocks a normal flip I want to see him contestants more grabs instead of going for down ones because we saw the last time he needs to play that that actually didn't work out for him at all I mean down one is the only true punish so grab would be a great option right there sonic Fox Auto Fox is gonna take it more importantly sonic Fox down his box see where he wants it but foxy grandpa with two bars later to work with here oh just goes to the down to punish risky teleport by foxy just making the hard read but that's what he has doing the situation he has to do something to put sonic fuck out of his element if you want to win this mini-games mix-ups foxy.

Just sitting there taking so much acid damage it's he's still in it finally gets out with the roll and immediate break from sonic boxes stop all momentum and nice teleport all very nice sonic box expecting overhead mix-up Oh No and that was a very bad break and that's gonna kill wait wait oh he definitely had to kill there but he didn't alright still taking it with chef Gary okay so that's a quick to over sonic box i we need to see something drastically different from foxy and I mean foxy is the top seed of EU for a reason there's a reason why he made it all the way back up here to Grand Finals he's no slouch she's one of the world's best he is high I have every bit of confidence that he can still make this comeback if he makes the right adjustment that's the thing though that's so difficult is sonic foxes playing with no avail like there's really no way to adjust to his play style he's mixing up playing really smart with playing kind of just random yeah I'm like there's no other word for it the way that he switched up his play style is the reason why he is here in winners upgrade and he's doing it on the fly by the way like within the round yeah it's completely at adapting to his opponents play style and his opponents paints that just what makes it so great at the same time not letting his appointed adapt and finally again a foxy grandpa is getting he's getting around in in all of these matches that he's lost it's just he's not able to close out Fox but this is gonna be a good start the alien in the corner and again the corner interactable Fox has been so good at using them and timing every single armor has hit foxy so far bought it all not puncher again here we go in Wow 100% right guess is from Sonic phones down down one the two tail down one and two over head down three I mean nothing like he just tail is completely unsafe over head still - about seven but it doesn't matter because sonic Fox just guesses right on all of them he's making 100% correct reads on every single insane there it is again oh I let her through but still now sonic parks she's at the corner sure if he has two bars a meter to work with and foxy actually uncracked resolving a few columns within this set they used to tighten it up a little bit because I mean he's shown that he is consistent with his compost nah here we go Armour of his own when no Roley entire small expecting those jumps so much for some reason and we're at chip damage here nice beautiful there we go foxy grandpa slightly adjusting working out beautifully for him but it we cheer. But he has such a long road ahead of him if he wants to be able to win claim the 75,000 and claim the championship but this is a really good start all right.

Again starting this game well backs up and get another back once you get stripped our beautiful together still. Taken to no damage surgery nice just wake up roll that's the type of read that he needs Wow really getting this on Fox's head and we're chip amazing rounds.

Let's talk to making adaptations you needs but sonic box of course as a player always has a chance to adapt himself maybe you'll start playing a little bit less crazy maybe he'll I don't know we'll see what happens nice blocking and I've noticed as the set goes on foxy is slowly starting to start adapting to all the nuttiness he isn't there we go great block on the overhead armor sonic fucking Zoo so good at thinking I'll be honest right now I'm looking at the players their expression artists I mean this is potentially the most important match of their MKX career this is a huge match and it is so nice to see these players get this far with the amount of dedication and time thanks again with the mix-up for the over hit there as you said before the second part of the string does hit low nice alright when is it gonna tie it up. And this is why foxy grandpa is here there we go immediately to to just taking a momentum back completely okay so foxy there immediately breaks to try to break any momentum whatsoever that Fox could have had I'm fighting game for so much about momentum being able to keep it within the match just by stopping your opponent just gained a little bit of space that's one of the first grabs I've seen actually in Sonic Fox all day he's amazing both of these players but they both have different strategies our foxy grandpa will nutria duck crepes and not if you get hit by it at all and then sonic fox will just tech every grab well and there's so much acid coming out of Sonic Fox right now foxy is taking so much chip so much damage over time nobody does Buck's poke their head now again nice block oh but no punish down was a little bit too late and that was a very hard read did not pay off for foxy but now he's gonna shoot his opponent again to block low yeah and that's the problem with students foxy starts adapting to the rhythm of the mix-ups fox start storing out horns oh great teleport it's a hard read I almost broke that armor but wasn't quite fast enough on that that's gonna put foxy in a terrible situation breaking but he's still standing in that acid taking so much damage over time trying to slowly chip out oh no that was definitely mistake he pressed down one too early nothing he just looked it needs to punish here we go this should be a guarantee back with you guaranteed pressure in the corner for a foxy grandpa oh and he just gets out of them Foxy's not stop them from using that at all yeah you need to make a very hard read to beat that and sonic Fox going up three two immediately going straight into rematch oh no we have seen that so many times over the course of the past eight weeks you cannot jump over a Liam scale that has one of the highest entire head boxes in the game so many people have been caught trying to bait it by jumping over it do not do it I squawk again like you.

Said punishing that with the down one they can but still the ground mix-up would be nice too and beautiful an tire by Fox's putting some Fox in his place that he wants him oh and now Wow complete run up throw that that is showing how much foxy is respecting Sonic bucks right now dying that down for great foot season Oh harden up down another zero yeah this does nothing could have done about that oh no and.

Sonic Fox jumping over with a jumping three and still fighting on the side and.

There we go that's gonna be a punished I was some great patient by all the drop all gone wasn't a drop it was a big beautiful and here we go again and there's the overhead mixup with the lowest in the string again oh no conversion merino wool put the last kin.

Of the straining man yeah that's very dangerous it'd be very very scary situation core lock see foxy does have one bar nice not gonna do it what a block forward for to overhead foxy red that all the way and this grand finals is looking next and neck both players at three games apiece this is a first two five and four foxy has big three six wow just wakes up with normal overhang oh I'm not sure what the reason so that was but it worked great fortunately that alder mark out it all for foxy and he's been pretty on point with landing those but sonic Fox has actually baited them out most of any player today again a great read on the teleport oh break the armor I love the stagger pressure here from Cox and put sonic ball that was so risky but it works Bochy is absolutely willing to make all of the hard reads all the resin rain is going to be the round they pay out for it Foxy's like you know what I can be pretty random to my toss the. Roll here toss the roll there no big deal all right now foxy has x-ray I'm not sure if he's gonna use it or you can even for breaker like usually does but x-ray is always a valuable asset formerly absolutely we've seen them use it Teleca can x-ray to close out around it does about 40% oh it does so much damage but looks like when I've seen it this round oh and is he good with punished I know no wow not afraid sonic Fox pressing buns at the back one two and Fox is just making all the right reads again beautiful and this is something we saw in their first set in winners bought our Star Fox was jumping and foxy a little bit too much boxing heating so much damage off of that right we're starting to see it again Oh Oh God scramble that was going back.

And forth between both players so many times right there I didn't even know who won there is nobody in this room by the. Way I just want to throw that out there all very nice but no punish on the crawl all right good stackers by foxy finally hitting sidewalks with a throw oh and again no bait it's all in the interactable Sanne Fox has been 100m I'm getting out I'm gonna punish though oh and there we go fixing up the overhead with a low ease in spring enough to kill still in that acid I'm surprised he didn't reset him right so you could have done something almost guarantee that should be it foxy grandpa has a chance what's the mix-up doll no another uncharacteristically dropped combo who drops that cost foxy that green yeah he could have had a guaranteed pressure after that but he didn't take it sonic Fox one game away from being your season three champion again yeah with the three-peat I mean that's when he was starting showing three fingers when he came out man you say i'ma win a third one trick all three of you tense up alright he was a flip very nice one foxy is so much poison on him right now this is he's just just gusting to watch someone oh that machine and he's still. In that point that's gonna be the game Wow see our sonic box on tournament point oh.

And a great was punished with the down four Wow now he's completely cheap play selling up was going for just space without for all he was doing he's played so much more of a zoning game this game this is looking so good for sonic Fox can foxy pull this off he does have three bars ray one more he could do it all he bait the armored one more hit sonic box with the three-peat Wow three season three championships.

Okay sonic box I don't know how you keep doing this not once and that's Weiss but three times.

First of all during the season this is the first time that you're not the number one seed did it feel more difficult to make it to this moment right now or did you have it in the bag the entire time I actually had it in the bag the entire time so let me explain let me say I'm straight so I think it was out of pure luck that I got the second seed because looking at the first and third seed there were a lot of major threats like scar dragon and like hey I they are on the other side I even took me out easily however we getting the second seed was acting to my benefit because all I had was flax seed that it like I was scared off on my side I'm sorry like I'm sorry that's how I felt and I felt like I can go 5050 was boxy and beat him and York alright foxy grandpa this impact will play coming from you representing the UK and now taking home $45,000 I'm sure you and.

Your team and the rest the Europeans are very proud of you well what was the question again I'm sure everybody's very very proud of you I probably uh probably uh I should have beaten this fol bit way that's right I know you like that up three on your teleport I will gentleman from the inception of the fatal 8 all the way to season 3 we have seen some of the biggest and best moments when it comes to fighting games with especially Mortal Kombat X would you like to say to nether realm and ESL who made all of this possible I was gonna say thank you so much other I'm like this game this game is OD no matter how much people complain about the game I love IDI who like made this amazing game when will the combat X even though people keep complaining about alien yeah you can hold that um and yeah like thanks so much like I love this game so much I love the community and helps to see some Moree now alright and finally sonic Fox would you like to say to all of your fans and to everybody that is going to continue to support you in your career so I want to first give a shout out first of all to everybody coming out here I mean yeah lay guys came made us event happen and shout out and obviously never around you know making this whole thing happen the ESL staffer being so kind of you know not making starve mic see up there in the crowd actually I love him he was like here with me it's covering up you seem to me the whole crowd my my brother and cousin his friend Trey all over there you know shoutouts to you guys for coming out supporting me my family back at home obviously the prairies Skullgirls community you know hold up I had something in my pocket I'm at it it's on the chair it's on the chair your team's got you there it is I actually had a sort of a feeling like card I don't know where I put it yeah we'll find it later we'll find it later alright ladies and gentlemen give it up for a runner up one more time a foxy grandpa and let's hear it for year three time. Mortal Kombat X Pro League champion CR sonic box

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