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You from the battlefield I had no idea. What you become.

Here let's make it fast everyone's ready let's go nobody is leaving anybody there's no people.

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So noble it took everything from me.

Everything but my life now it has come back for it.

It's not about how you face your fears it's about how you survive them.

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This is the story of Goku the one they call Kakarot.

They call those transformed by the virus-free curse Jesus they hibernate.

They drink they have migration patterns and they eat mostly what they want to eat that's you that swarmers are the most common their name comes from their behavior with travel in groups of two or three rarely alone and sometimes in hordes which.

As of a single organism newts are opportunists and only attack if you're low on health or if you invade their space screamer's you wanna watch out for because they can bring swarms down run into a breaker they're in trouble cheetah survival are your weapons and skills need to burn out of frickin nest but you're out of molotov there's no problem your crossbow can use pulse that you crash with fear guns dropped by enemies they're not great but survivor camps will sell you better hardware in a gunfight combat focus can be the edge that you need to survive allowing you to really focus in on a target hit the shot for yourself take him down quiet since ammo is scarce you gotta be up on your melee skills crafting and repairing weapons is essential and fighting one or two guys sure yeah take them on more than that yeah be careful run away I have to fight another day and days gone yes take on everything from snipers trying to pick you off and trees to wolves looking for an easy meal there.

You are wondering what's going on eh one question first are you feeling anything that can be construed as explosive cell death no wonderful let's get started.

Welcome to the edge of the galaxy the frontier of space well at least it was until the corporation's bought it branded it and started selling it at ludicrously inflated prices and the rest of your fellow settlers abandoned on the edge of the colony I'd save them myself but the Boers got a bounty on my head so that's why I thought you out you appear capable look I get it taking on the corporation has left us with two choices bad and worse but you have to choose and you have to choose now you know you.

Didn't have to shoot either one right but it's fine I guess you just keep being you.

Oh good timing I knew that a bigger one.

Was here.

You look familiar our paths crossed years ago come oh I'd.

Never forget a fight swords.

Fatality cabal wins.

Ah ladies pass chicken champion.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is massive and traversing its open star system is completely seamless whether you're on foot in vehicles or in space you play as a customizable space pirate captain who carries a sword a gun and a jet pack as basic equipment your character and weapons can also be enhanced with augments which grant special abilities and let you experiment with different effects in combat trapping foes in a time slowing bubble for example or freezing them in place with chained electricity enemies can also use augments like these scientists who can heal their Soldier buddies with augmented bullets so you'll want to get a close look at who's carrying what and plan your strategy accordingly in order to see what your enemies have equipped you'll need your spyglass which displays the stats skills and augments of other characters as well as revealing more details about locations and points of interest even from space it's a key part of recruiting to take a close look at an NPC with your spyglass and you'll see if they have any skills worth adding to your space pirate crew of course your crew isn't the only company you can bring along Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an online game and while you can play solo co-op buddies can jump in or out at any time you won't be tethered together either and if you want to wander off and explore while another player does their own thing you're free to do so welcome to Ganesha City a dense vertically built metropolis where the rich live at the top and the poor huddle in shantytowns built into the sides of the city's foundations its sprawling and richly detailed and it's just one small corner of a moon called soma itself just a small piece of Beyond Good and Evil 2's gigantic open-world it's also built for aerial exploration so in addition to your jetpack you'll have access to a wide selection of flying vehicles any vehicle you see can be commandeered and driven and they can all tune into radio Cheeta a station by space pirates for space pirates you less will be able to fully customize your own ride swapping out modules wings engines equipment and cosmetic options to tailor your machines to look good and hold their own in a fight you'll need special equipment or skills to take on larger vessels but your fighter ships are agile able to execute barrel rolls lock onto targets with homing missiles and dogfight with police if you inadvertently break some city law like flying too close to a major tourist attraction or robbing a bank and like your weapons ships can be equipped with augments enabling you to do things like firing healing missiles at your co-op partners your ships are also capable of hitting extreme speeds covering thousands of kilometers in a matter of seconds this is essential for getting around planets in a hurry as well as for flying out into orbit to rendezvous with your mothership a huge vessel that serves as your home base even out here in orbit you can seamlessly transition from piloting a ship to space walking with a nano spacesuit to protect you from the vacuum popping out of the cockpit and into the cold abyss of space allows you to use your spyglass to investigate a planet and peering down at treasure hiding geoglyphs cities and settlements all of which are still buzzing with activity far below you enabling your co-op partner to explore and interact normally with city life.

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Sooo you found me at last.

Soft beds rich food and the temptations. Of the Fire Lord these are the walls.

What you fight for.

The era of unending peace is past it is now time for we wolves of war to awake to fix your eyes forward blessed you overlook the traces your ear to the ground lest you lose the trail

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